Sunday, 26 July 2015

The First Brick

While LEGO is extremely famous and has been around since the '50s, I am still a total newcomer in this world of plastic bricks. During my childhood, I never touched any LEGO bricks. I loved construction toys like Bombiq or papercraft, but LEGO was out of my league. At that time, during the '90s, the brand was not available in my hometown, Banjarmasin. Even if it was, it would've been very expensive.

Therefore, I had no memorable moment with LEGO.

Until early 2014.

It was The LEGO Movie that sparked my interest to the bricks. A couple weeks after watching the movie, I bought my first LEGO box as a birthday gift for my daughter Nadira. LEGO soon became our new hobby. I love how they design the blocks with such perfected details. I love the embossed LEGO letters on every stud. I love the design and combination of colors. My daughter also loves playing with it and keeps making her own creations.

And then, I had this idea of blogging about LEGO. I would like to take pictures of Nadira's creations and post it here. I also want to share our collections, every set that we own, and it surely would be better if we can review them.

It's a simple idea, and I hope we can make this blog as colorful as the bricks inside our toy box.

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