Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bragging Gears

Nadira and I have been LEGO fans since March, 2014, especially after Nadira got her eighth birthday present, the LEGO Friends set 3932: Andrea's Stage. Since then, we've been actively taking pictures and even videos of our treasure, especially after buying new sets.

Inspired by some LEGO video bloggers such as Jaystepher, we recorded moments when Nadira opens her LEGO sets. While unboxing her sets, she tells and describes anything inside the package. It has become our routine everytime we buy a new set. We also take pictures of the boxes and bags before they were sliced, the contents inside, and the assembled products.

However, most of the pictures and videos were taken only using my low-end smartphone cameras. There were three phones used: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Lenovo P780, and Oppo R2001 (Yoyo). From the three cameras, only P780 had 8 megapixels resolution, while the rest had only 5. Too bad that P780 was crushed by some cars on the street around August, 2014. It was magically resurrected three months ago after the LCD touchscreen and the camera were replaced, but I won't use it for photographing LEGO any longer.

About the other two phones, the stories are not even better. The Oppo one actually have a pretty nice camera, with its "fill-light" feature. However, it was hard bricked at the end of 2015. The Ace went missing after a long four years journey, in the middle of 2016.

Now, I have two main gears to use, and I hope with these two, I can be more productive in taking pictures of our LEGO sets.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MTK). Bought this beast right after losing my bricked dead Yoyo. It has quite a leap in camera resolution with 13 MP.
2. Nikon D3300. Finally, we can get a DSLR camera in 2016. It is the most sophisticated camera I've ever had so far, with a massive 24.2 MP resolution.

Nadira had begun cleaning our collections and soon we will get ready to take pictures with better details and lighting.

Happy building!

Photo Credits:
1. Official combination of three polybags sets of LEGO Friends Animal Series 1: 41017-18-19: Squirrel's Tree House, Cat's Playground, and Turtle's Little Oasis. The photo was taken using Lenovo P780 in April, 2014.
2. My good old Lenovo P780 after being revived. The photo was taken using Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 in September, 2016.

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