Monday, 2 January 2017

New Storage Box

Last weekend we bought a new storage box to keep our LEGO collection. It's a plastic box with a pink cover and yellow handles. It also has four wheels at the bottom so we can drag it anywhere around the house.

The box is quite large, around 65 cm in length. I used this minifigure as a comparison, while Nadira's little brother Hatta watched from the back. The price was not very expensive. We got it at around 13 dollars.


This fancy box should be enough to contain all of our sets. We can even put the unused boxes and bags since we didn't throw them away. With the sets being concentrated in one place, sealed from the dust, we won't be afraid that our LEGO sets be lost or get dirty anymore.

Happy building!

Photo Credits:
1. The storage box seen from the side.
2. The box compared with the minifigure from 60060: Auto Transporter, and Nadira's little brother, Hatta.
3. The inside of the box, containing some smaller containers and some unused packs. The red Khong Guan can is where we put the instruction booklets.
All photos were taken using Nikon D3300 in January, 2017.

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