Sunday, 8 January 2017

[Review #001] Andrea's Stage

Here comes our first set review.

Andrea's Stage is an important set for us, because it's simply our first LEGO set ever. We bought it in March, 2014. Since it was quite an old set (released in 2012, among the first sets of then-newly-released LEGO Friends' theme), we got a sweet 30% discount at the store.

The set is quite simple, with three main parts representing a singing stage.


The bigger stage has a sign "Andrea" at the top. There are two spotlights on each side, and the back of the stage looks like folded curtains.

The smaller stage is just a singing platform with a microphone stand and three small lamps on the floor. It's very simple to build. The platform has a cute purple color. Overall, I do like the color combination in this set.

The unique part of this set is the black piano. It successfully captured the resemblance of a real piano, especially with four white 1x2 radiator grilles serving as the piano keys. The piano is also accompanied by a chair made of the same tile as the "Andrea" sign. We also get an extra microphone and a glass. There's also a red boombox with nice details painted on the front tile. Nadira likes to put the boombox on top of the piano.

The star of this set is the minidoll Andrea. She wears a green tank top and white pants. Her curly hair is brown, with a few small holes to put some accessories, but unfortunately the set didn't give any.

Overall, it's a nice starter set for Nadira and me. The introduction of this LEGO Friends sparked Nadira's interest in building LEGO in a girly theme. She also likes the characters, and we're planning to collect all five members of them. For further knowledge, we're also watching the miniseries.

Pros: Nice color combinations; awesome piano; extra mic
Cons: No hair piece; too simple construction

Set Details:
Theme: Friends
Set Number: 3932
Set Name: Andrea's Stage
Year Released: 2012
Pieces: 87
Packaging: Box
Brickset: 3932 - Andrea's Stage

Photo Credits: 
All photos were taken using Nikon D3300 in January, 2017.

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