About Us

"It begins with a brick."

I'm Amed, an English teacher at a middle school in Banjarbaru, Indonesia. In my spare time, I love playing LEGO with my daughter, Nadira.

I'm making this blog so I can write various things related to the famous toy highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system, and share our collections to the world. There are many things to discuss in this world of plastic bricks. Hope this blog can channel my enthusiasm in writing about LEGO.

All of the photos in this blog are from my own smartphone and digital camera. I don't want to take any pictures from the internet. The picture above, for instance, was taken around 2015 by using the head of a criminal from 30227: Police Watercraft set. I found his facial expression quite unique so we use it as our profile photo. I also put some pictures on my Instagram account, bricknotes.

Let's build and write some stuff!

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